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Official Poker Card Stunts DVD - Vol 1

You will learn the best 40 card techniques to ever hit the table!

...Top Turnover Under Turnover Deck Turnover Barndoors Why Flip Snap Change Pocket Turn Explosion Single Hand Whirl Two Hand Whirl Air Whirl Psych Twirl Montecito Bowed Down Montecito Bowed Up Palm Change Face Plam Change Spring Set Flippant 3 Card Flippant Throw Buckle Toss Buckle Antigravity Buckle Hype Slide Turn Slide Change Boomerange Two Card Boomerang Osos Toss Deal Throwing Jay Grip/Card Throwing Pinch Diamond Toss Pivot Standard Two Card Shuffle Two Finger Shuffle Endless Shuffle...

Bonus dealing stunts: Boomerang Deal Pinky Deal Pullover Snap-over Slip

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