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Learn to Win at Roulette DVD

John Patrick is unquestionably one of the dominant forces in the world of gambling. For years, he hosted his own national cable TV show, "So You Wanna Be A Gambler!" which aired weekly on the Financial News Network, and attracted a large and loyal following. John has written 15 books on gambling and has produced 23 instructional videos on BlackJack strategy, Craps rules and strategy, Slot Machines, Texas Hold'em as played in the World Series of Poker, Video Poker, Casino Games, Sports Handicapping, and the Lottery.

Learn To WIN At Roulette
Follow John Patrick's step-by-step advice and learn to win at Roulette. Learn the "Big 4" - Bankroll, Knowledge of the Game, Money Management, the Discipline. Follow that up with "The Little 3" - Logic, Theory, and Trends. Master these principles and you have a simple formula for consistent success. Learn the system the pros use to get the most out of a hot streak and make the columns. You'll also learn dozens of good percentage plays. With this DVD, you'll be ready to walk up to the roulette table with confidence! Easy to navigate menus allow the viewer to watch exactly the areas of interest.

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