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Two Color Striped Suited Chips in Case 300 Set

300 Piece Royal Suited Poker Chip Set

These chips are the brand new Royal Suited Chips.

These 300 Chips are 39 mm diameter casino sized chips and are 11.5 grams in weight. They are produced from a composite resin and an insert that gives them the weight feel of a heavy casino quality chip.

The detail on these chips is great. The card suits around the chip as well as the detailed striping make this the best looking chip we offer in this category.

This beautiful brown vinyl case comes loaded with brass hardware, a rich wooden interior, keys, and a brass nameplate. The inside of the case top is well padded. It can be locked, and provides a durable, stylish carrying case for your finest poker chips.

This case holds 300 poker chips and 2 decks of cards.

2 Decks of cards are included with this set.

"Playing cards depicted are subject to change without notice. It is at our discretion to replace playing cards with a similar product of equal or higher quality at any time."

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  • Model: PS10-1400-32001