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Iraqi Playing Cards - Set of 2 Collectible Decks

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This package contains a set of 2 Decks of Collectible Iraqi Playing Cards. Great for showing off to friends or simply keep them as a collectible!

About the Original Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Cards:
"The cards were made by the U.S. military ... [a playing card company executive] who hasn't seen the Iraqi cards other than in a photo said they don't appear to be "real playable cards. They have no rounded corners and look like paper with no lamination." ... The cards were made up by wags at the Defense Intelligence Agency, which is on the hunt for the depicted characters.

This is one of the hottest items on the market! You've seen these cards practically on every news channel. They've been featured in newspapers worldwide. Now you can own the one true collector's item from Operation Iraqi Freedom. This deck is made from the same manufacturer that made the decks given to Coalition soldiers featuring Iraq's 52 "Most-Wanted" leaders.

The version we sell is a real, usable deck of playing cards, coated and printed on high-quality stock. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations on the market!

These are sold retail for $19.95 each!

2 Decks

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