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Dealer Button Tournament Timer

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This all in one poker dealer button and tournament timer is a must for any Texas hold'em game! Great for a casual home game, or a large Texas Hold'em Tournament.

This item functions as both a dealer button, and more importantly, a timer to let you know when to raise the blinds. The built in timer can be programmed in increments of 5 minutes, all the way up to 90 minutes. An alarm goes off to let you know that time has expired. Just press "PAUSE" to stop the alarm, and then press"REPLAY" to start the timer again at its predetermined time. Each time you press any of the buttons, a blue background light goes on.

This will allow for a faster and more professional game setting at a nominal cost. The timer is slightly larger than a normal dealer button, fitting easily into your standard poker chip case. On the back of the dealer button/timer is printed the "Poker Hand Ranks", an added bonus for beginning players.

The Texas Hold'em Dealer Button comes packaged with instructions and a battery.

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  • Model: BUT-DTW